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    • IDEA Health and Fitness Association
    • ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine)
    • I.S.S.A. (International Sports Science Association)
    • Medical Fitness Network


    • Cuesta College
    • International Sports Science Association (ISSA)
    • Ongoing continuing education

    My Story

    My Story

    Hello, my name is Gail Sas. I work with clients who are motivated towards making effective decisions in their personal health and longevity. The changes my clients make lasts a lifetime. Starting at any age works. I have been in health and fitness field for well over 30 years and 10 years professionally. There are hundreds of diets designed to attract the hopeful. They miss the real direction so many people need. Many are generalized. The theory seems to be that eating right and exercise normalizes health. While that is important, it goes much deeper. Our longevity depends upon many factors. I help my clients understand not just how important exercise and nutrition is but I help clients understand how digestion and food sensitivities are critical in weight gain and how weight is lost. How our glands function is also important. Hypothyroidism, adrenal gland deficiencies and other hormones work affect everything we strive to accomplish. Please read over the many articles I have written on my site. Feel free to submit whatever questions you might be curious about. I provide a practical common sense approach. This is based on many years of education, reading, and legitimate research. You can prevent disease on many levels for a lifetime as well as aging well and not by assumption. I am also available for: Independent research and writing documents to guide my clients Freelance writing Consultations I strategically guide my clients toward a real direction in health improvement and change. Your dedication and future are yours. The changes my clients make today lasts a lifetime. Are you in? Contact me Gail Sas at 805-689-7993.

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