Here we are in December! Many of you are extra busy right now! On top of everything we all normally do, there is much more to  be done. It will be harder to keep an awareness for your health and nutrition goals, but I know you all will get right back on it in January.

January 2018  will be two years since I wrote my first newsletter. I started with just 40 friends and people I knew in the fitness industry. It grew very slowly. Early on it went to Canada and France. Suddenly over the past month or so it has gone all over the world. A few addresses weren’t deliverable. I truly thank all of you who have found your way to my newsletter. I am in awe each time someone from another country (as well as the U.S.) signs up! I now have others from France, Africa, Russia and Poland! Each time I see a new address I am thrilled. It feels like I am receiving a gold star from each of you who found my efforts to help people find the differences between fact and fiction in the health and nutrition field!

Thank you for staying with me. I hope the coming months won’t disappoint any of you! If any of you have a topic to learn more about, please contact me through my site. www.hormoneshealthandfitness.com. I wish all of you a peaceful and enjoyable holiday season and wonderful new year!