A new study from the University of Each Anglia (UEA) (preferably fish and chicken) found that consuming adequate amounts from protein can improve cardiovascular health at rates similar to exercising, cutting back on salt and quitting smoking. “The association we observed were found with intakes equivalent to those found in a 75-gram portion of steak, a 100-gram salmon fillet or a 16 ounce glass of skim milk,” says Amy Jennings, PhD, lead researcher from the UEA’s Norwich Medical School.


A 75-gram portion of meat is approximately equivalent to the palm of your hand. Jennings and her team also discovered that eating animal-sourced protein was associated with reducing arterial stiffness, while consumption of plant-based protein helped lower blood pressure, which could lead to a reduced risk of stroke or coronary heart disease.


Further work is required to determine additional factors, such as how many years (after consuming increased amounts of protein) it might take to reap its protective benefits. For now, incorporate more protein-rich foods such as grass-fed or organic meats, sustainable fish, beans, lentils and grass-fed or organic dairy into your daily diet to help improve health.


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