You Do Need Protein

You Do Need Protein

Last month I introduced all of you to Bone Broth Protein Powder, a convenient way to add more protein and other health benefits into your food plan. An easy product to take with you when in the car.


In 2017 the makers of Bone Broth Protein Powder will introduce other new products. Meal replacements, sports nutrition both for before and after workout sessions. Collagen and probiotic are coming too. Also, protein powders in capsule form. For more information and to order please check my website and the link below.


Protein is vital to our energy balance and immune system function. Immunity develops in our intestinal system. Much is being written about problems with microbes in our intestinal system. More on that in future newsletters.


How our bodies use protein calories during a workout varies based on what we are doing.


Spread your intake throughout the day, and aim to eat about 20 grams of protein 30 minutes after most activities.



Eat carbs last. In a small study, adults with type 2 diabetes ate the same meal of chicken, vegetables, bread, and orange juice on two different days. One day they had the bread and juice 15 minutes before the rest of the meal. Bot h of these foods will raise insulin levels as they are high on the Glucose scale.


The other day, they ate the chicken and veggies first. The research wasn’t clear as too whether the juice was in this part of the results. When those in the study started their meal with the meat and veggies, their blood sugar was 28% lower 30 minutes after the meal than when they started with carbs. Their blood sugar levels remained lower for up to two hours after the meal.