This is the month I treasure the most out of all the others in the year! The colors – bright reds, oranges, browns, deep greens. The glow of my favorite decorations that being primarily pumpkins. Along with the others that symbolize Halloween.


We go to a farm further north from where we live to pick out the best pumpkins for our front porch and some on the patio table in the back. This year we have had more squirrels visiting. A little too close. While we were gone last week we discovered one of the smaller pumpkins had been eaten part way. It was tossed onto the concrete. Making a more convenient way to eat it on the concrete.

We wished we had an outdoor camera to see that event! Very clever and quite funny! Parts of the skin were tossed aside to eat the interior of that little pumpkin. This has never happened before!


Fall super foods that are good for you include:

Pumpkins. When making pumpkin pies don’t use the pumpkin pie filling. This contains more sugar and other ingredients not needed for health. Just use plain canned pumpkin. You will get three times your recommended daily allowance of Vitamin A. Vitamin A is critical for promoting the collagen which keeps our skin supple and flexible. Pumpkins are loaded with healthful Vitamin E and other nutrients.


Sweet Potatoes. In one study, researchers found more total nutrients in sweet potatoes than any other vegetable. When eaten every day over three weeks, researchers found that 33% more T-cells were in their blood. Your body relies on T-cells to fight viruses and keep your immune system strong.


Apples. Crunchy and delicious. So many varieties to choose from. British researchers found that eating 2 apples a week can reduce your risk of developing asthma by 32%. Eat them every day for great fiber, which studies have linked to better lung functions and fewer coughs even in smokers. It might be true that eating an apple everyday keeps the doctor away.


Pecans. One handful of pecans holds enough omega-3 fatty acids to boost nerve communications in your brain’s memory center. Pecans are also packed with magnesium and calcium which have been linked to reducing stress, calming nerves, and clarity of mind.



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