So Which Weight Is Right For You?

Written by Gail Sas

It depends on your personal goals.  For example, a women looking for strength gains might be concerned primarily with the size of his/her muscles.  However, most people should use both the scale and the tape measure.

But try not to be a slave to either instrument.  Instead, weigh yourself just once or twice a month, and take your measurements at the same time.  Rather than always watching the numbers, pay more attention to the fit of your clothing.

Focusing on pounds or inches can be discouraging and very frustrating.  Individual bodies change in different ways.  That can depend on things like: genetics, the exercises you perform, age and other factors.

Instead of picking a particular weight or measurement for your goal, consider measuring your performance in other ways.  For example, focus on adding an extra ten minutes to every cardio session, or some extra weight to your strength training routine. As you accomplish these types of goals, you’ll just naturally end up with a leaner, stronger and healthier body – no matter how you choose to measure it!