Are you out there shoveling snow, dealing with ice and scraping off your car windows?  Are you in pain after that endurance effort?  Think strength training and a home exercise plan.  When that snow and cold is covering the earth are you thinking  how easy is having equipment at home?  Yes snuggling under the blankets seems comforting, but moving your body in an aerobic manner keeps you warmer longer.  Many products are available.  More on that in a minute!

A 2010 review of 40 studies which appeared in the International Journal of Clinical Practice found that being active can help prevent about 25 conditions.  Other research suggests that exercise can cut the risk of colon cancer (60 percent), type 2 diabetes (58 percent), heart disease (40 percent), and Alzheimer’s disease (40 percent).  Another study, which compared regular exercisers with coach potatoes, concluded that each minute of physical activity added an average of 7 minutes of life span.  What could be better than this to prevent so many conditions and even more?  Why not do it?  Do you prefer to ache after extensive projects like shoving snow?  Ask yourself  why? Mowing the lawn doesn’t equal real conditioning  exercise.  Shoveling snow without conditioning doesn’t equal the benefits achieved through a true exercise program.   Just ten minutes of real conditioning strength training can make a big difference in the long run.

Having equipment handy and accessible keeps you motivated to JUST DO IT!  Pop a DVD in the player and JUST DO IT! BUT how do you know which one will actually keep you DOING IT?  The ones that simplify the routine and make it fun. I love rowing, trampolines and the Total E Fit platform (see this one under partners in my new web site)


Natalie Heckert is the inventor of the Totalefit program.  A total and complete program that has everything.  The equipment, the nutrition program, the DVD and support. You can get truly fit in a short amount of time.  This is so effective you build muscle and create aerobic activity in all of 15 minutes.  Her DVD comes with six programs, so you can get a full 30 or more minutes in and done!  It is amazing!  Check it out! And it is so lightweight you can store it under the bed or take it with you when you travel!

If you want an elliptical trainers, spin bikes, treadmills or other larger pieces of equipment you’ll have a variety of pieces to use from.  

Breaking up the time you do your full program works as well.  Having all the equipment in your home also makes time commitments workable.  No driving to a gym, no higher fees.  

The Feburary 2014 Consumer Reports magazine has a good article on helping you chose other pieces of equipment.  GO FOR IT.  Make this your healthiest year ever!  Stay committed.  You deserve to feel good and stay strong.  Which also cuts your chronological aging processes by man years!